Workshops - Shape Shifting

Length - 2 day to 5 days

Level - intermediate to advanced
Sewing machine needed

We all have innate preferences for certain colors, shapes and proportions, as well as natural attractions to certain symbols, images and icons. In this class we will study photographs and slides of a variety of historic and ethnic decorative objects to help uncover some of the motifs and symbols which may have powerful personal resonance.  For example, you may be drawn to Buddhist mandalas or Mexican milagros. You may be attracted to the design of an Inuit mask or the pattern from an Art Nouveau vase or the shape of an Egyptian chair.  Each student will select historic motifs, shapes and images which they will manipulate and reinterpret into a unique statement  in fabric and thread.  By lifting an image from one time and place to another the student will begin to exercise the power to recognize their personal touch stones to imagination.  The aim of the workshop is to nurture your intuitive skills.

Students should have a desire to develop their own design language and unique visual symbols, plus an interest in the history of decorative design.

• Photos, books, magazines, post cards, museum and auction catalogs of decorative and ethnic design (ceramics, textiles, glass, metal ,clothing, tableware, architectural ornament, etc.)
• See Visual Bibliography Resources, too (see Visual Bibliography Resource).
• Drawing materials: Paper, pencils, tracing paper, etc.
• Sewing basics: scissors, pins, etc.
• Sewing machine in good working order
• Open-toed embroidery foot - optional)
• Stick glue: archival,washable UHU is fine
• Masking tape, craft knife with #11 blade (optional)
• Fusible interfacing: white, medium weight, 4-6 yds. (Shir Tailor by Pellon is best)
• Wonder Under or some kind of iron-on adhesive
• Rotary cutter, mat and ruler
• Fabrics: a good range of fabrics - solids, prints from light to dark
• Threads: basic and fancy (optional)
• Embellishments (optional)
• Digital camera-optional, but very useful
• Flannel or some other method for pinning work to the wall (optional)

-Click Shape Shifting.pdf for printable supply list-

Large projection screen
Sturdy table for projector and laptop
2-3 quilt hangers or other safe way to display quilts
2 tables for teachers use
3-5 irons and ironing stations
Electrical cords and extensions, multiple-outlet strip, adaptors, lighting (if necessary)
Plenty of workspace for each student