Workshops - Moths & Moons

WORKSHOP - Moths and Moons


LENGTH - 1 day

LEVEL - Beginning to intermediate

              Sewing machine needed (at least a few of decorative stitches)




We will spend the day making marvelous moths! Each student will get a patterns and directions for making the Moths and Moons Quilt, $18. Bring your favorite fabrics or purchase a kit from Jane’s stash of FreeSpirit designs to create one to three giant moths (approximately 27”W X 21”H each). They will be assembled using Jane’s accessible appliqué method. After class you will be able to stitch your  background and apply your gorgeous critters.




•Drawing materials: Colored pencils, Micron Pen, plain paper

•Sewing basics: scissors, pins, etc.

•Sewing machine in good working order

•Open-toed embroidery foot - optional, but very useful, #20 Bernina

•Roxanne's Glue-Baste-It

•Xacto type knife with #11 blade (optional) 

•Fusible interfacing: white, non woven, 1-2 yds. ( Shir Tailor by Pellon is best)

•Wonder Under or some kind of iron-on adhesive, half yard

•Rotary cutter, mat and ruler

•Fabrics: at least a ten fat quarters or more of coordinating simple prints in colors that you like together, plus solid black. I recommend including some contrasting colors, as well. Think moth wings and bodies.

•Threads: Basic 50wt sewing thread to match your fabrics and matching bobbins. 

18” X 9” foam corrugated cardboard, insolation board, styrofoam sheet or cork board for pinning shapes in place

•Extension cord, multiple-outlet strip, adaptors (if necessary)

•Digital camera-optional, but very useful



Large projection screen 

Sturdy table for projector and laptop

2-3 quilt hangers or other safe way to display quilts 

2 tables for teachers use

3-5 irons and ironing stations 

Electrical cords and extensions, multiple-outlet strip, adaptors, lighting (if necessary) 

Plenty of workspace for each student